Toge Ono Ringoen/ Keisuke Ono

Address & Phone number

847 Sayama-machi, Numata-shi, Gunma 378-0078 / 0278-23-9358

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Transfer Fee (if direct bank transfer is used)
Cash on Delivery Fee
Shipping Fee (please see below for more information)


【In stock】
We don’t ship on Sundays, Saturdays or Holidays.
Busy Season is from November 1st to November 20th. During this period, handling and shipping may take up to two weeks.

【Out of stock】
If the products you order are out of stock, we will contact you as soon as possible and cancel your order.
If you order within the reservation period, we will deliver your order as soon as the harvest season has begun.
If you want to order during the harvest season, we will deliver your order as soon as the harvest has begun.

If you want to make an order during the harvest season please choose one of these two options.
Direct Bank Transfer: Orders will be shipped 2-5 days after your deposit is received.
Cash on delivery: Orders will be shipped 2-5 days after your order.

There may be some delay in the shipping of orders if the quality of the apples is compromised due to weather or unexpected development. Our goal is to provide a product with no compromise.

Payment Information

Payment Options:
Direct Bank Transfer
Postal Transfer
Cash on delivery.

※We will ship your order after the transfer is complete. Please be aware that you are responsible for any bank fees involved in payments.

Bank Name: Yuucho
Bank Code: 9900
Branch Code: 048
Deposit type: Normal
Shop’s Name: zeroyonhachi
Recipient’s Account Number: 2254886

Returns and Exchange

We do not accept returns or exchanges due to customers’ circumstances since the product is perishable.

If a return or exchange is necessary due to our error, we will cover the cost of return shipping. In this case please contact us as soon as the product is received, and return the product with the shipping fee specified as “Cash on Delivery”.