About our Farm.

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Our farm is one of the few apple farms in the Kanto area. Please visit us in the charming town of Sayama in Numata city in Gunma and enjoy being surrounded by the calm beauty of nature. It’s been 60 years since we started this farm and we have dedicated ourselves to studying the intricacies of apples ever since. Our dream has been to be a farm that creates warm memories of apple picking experiences, and a lasting impression of what a delicious apple ought to be.

        Keisuke Ono

How we make delicious apples

Sayama region

In order to produce good quality apples, the apple farm must be 6-14℃ average throughout a year and have a variation in temperature within each day.
Japanese apple farms (such as those in Aomori and Nagano) average around 10℃.
Our apple farm in Numata meets these temperature standards.

soil making

Typically apple farms utilize chemicals to produce larger crops, but we are committed to producing apples that are completely organic. This results in apples that contains more sugar and ripen quickly.

quality control

The apples require particular care all year long. This includes removing subpar fruit in the spring in order to maintain the quality of the apple harvest, regulation of the colors of the apples,  and the utilization of Smart Fresh technology.

Apple Types

Shinano Red,  Tsugaru, Akibae, Himekami, Shinano Dorche, Shinano Sweet, Akagi, Suwakko, Kougyoku, Sekai Ichi, Youkou, Morino Kagayaki, Shin Sekai,Gunma Meigetsu, Shinano Gold, Slim Red, Haruka, Fuji


2.4 Hectares


  • 1958 – “Tatsu Ono” planted some apple trees on a path in the mountains in Sayama.
  • 1995 – “Sakuei Ono” expanded the property to two hectares in order to  share the joy of apples with visitors to the apple-farm.
  • 2018 – “Keisuke Ono” started exporting  apples overseas, continued improving visitors experiences, expanded the business and started total branding.